The Gorge in Fast Forward is a short film that is included as a part of Discover the Gorge.
This 15 minute video is a look at the Gorge like you've never seen before through the lens of a high definition time-lapse camera. Watch the area's best scenery come to life with spectacular motion. Clouds appearing to crash like waves on the mountains as day turns to night with amazing color and the night sky sped up so that stars race above Mt Hood.

Also includes entire Broughten Mill fire from it's origin to the finish from the nearby White Salmon bluffs.

We found so many spectacular locations to place our time lapse cameras a favorite location was the White Salmon bluffs overlooking Hood river. We had it setup 2 days before the fire broke out at the Broughten Lumber mill.

The Stone Henge monument near Biggs Junction just south of Goldendale is an incredible sight and provided some great time lapse images.

Our night time images from the White Salmon bluffs were really cool. We captured barges traveling up and the down the gorge. When we sped them up they look like rocket powered ships flying up and down the river.


This rare type of cloud is called a lenticular cloud they form over mountain peaks and appear stationary. In the Gorge in fast forward you can watch in motion as it disapates over several hours.

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